ISBAH Company Representative
ISBAH Representative Email
Date of IS-BAH
Expires in
Services (Name of Organization
and Services Provided)
IS-BAH Documentation
Support (DS)
IS-BAH Subject
Matter Training
IS-BAH Audit
IS-BAH Software
Export ID#
Fundamentals of IS-BAH Certificate
IS-BAH Auditing Certificate
Organization Supp. Material
Other Material
Yes Yes   AeroEx GmbH Switzerland +41 81 7405044 Helmut Gottschalk 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes I3SA-89 IS-BAH Training Certifikate - Fundamentals of IS-BAH_08.06.pdf Certificate ISBAH Auditor 06_2016.pdf AeroEx IS-BAH Services 2017.pdf  
Yes     ASA Group Holdings Ltd HKG +6622607588 Julie Ambrose 11-30-2015 11-30-2017 -537 days           I3SA-80 Julie ISBAH Fundamentals.pdf Julie ISBAH Auditing.pdf ASA_BROCHURE.pdf  
Yes     Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International (AvMaSSI) USA 15617459787 Louis Sorrentino 07-22-2016 07-31-2018 -294 days   Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-84 LS Fundamentals of ISBAH Certificate copy.pdf LS ISBAH Auditing Certificate.pdf AvMaSSI_Introduction 2016.pptx  
Yes Yes   Baldwin Aviation, Inc. USA 843.342.5434 Don Baldwin 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes I3SA-85 ISBAH_Fundamentals_2016.pdf ISBAH_Auditing_2016.pdf Baldwin Aviation – Safety.docx  
    Yes business aviation school France +33(0)685654211 victoire         Yes Yes Yes Yes I3SA-91        
    Yes DNConsulting Australia +61497994843 James V Nainggolan         Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-92 JVN MEL Fundamentals of ISBAH Certificate 2016.pdf JVN MEL Auditing for ISBAH Certificate 2016.pdf    
Yes     Global FBO Consult IRL 00353872029325 Joe McDermott 01-16-2017 01-31-2019 -110 days     Yes Yes   I3SA-87 IS-BAH Fundamentals Cert Joe McDermott.pdf IS-BAH Audit Cert Joe McDermott.pdf    
Yes   Yes GT3 United States 7274792442 Tim Lewis         Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-90 TL ATL Fundamentals of ISBAH Certificate 2017.pdf TL ATL Auditing for ISBAH Certificate 2017.pdf    
Yes Yes   S’améliorer by JQ United States   +1 702 279 5776 Jacqueline Dispoto 10-28-2018 10-31-2020 529 days     Yes     I3SA-93 Dispoto_IS-BAH Training Cert_Fundamentals_04SEP18.pdf Dispoto_IS-BAH Training Cert_Auditing 05SEP2018.pdf S'ameliorer by JQ IS-BAH Application Intro 23OCT18.pdf  
Yes     Sundog Aviation USA 770-235-0098 Jim Cannon 03-25-2015 03-31-2017 -781 days Safety Management Implementation consulting         I3SA-26        
Yes Yes   TrainingPort.Net Canada (+1) 604.270.1343 Stewart MacPherson 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-88 Stewart - IS-BAH Fundamentals 2016 001.jpg Stewart IS-BAH Auditing workshop 2016 001.jpg    

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