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Yes     Advanced Aircrew Academy USA (843) 557-1266 James Weaver 09-30-2016 09-30-2018 -233 days Attended both Nov 12 Yes   Yes Yes     I3SA-13        
    Yes Advanced Aircrew Academy USA 1-843-557-1266 Dan Boedigheimer 01-01-2019 01-31-2021 621 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes I3SA-121        
Yes     AeroDirections, LLC USA +1.469.443.7621 Gerald Kosbab 10-04-2015 10-31-2017 -567 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-73 Gerald Kosbab_Fundamentals of ISBAO Certificate.pdf Gerald Kosbab_ISBAO Auditing Certificate.pdf    
Yes Yes   AeroDirections, LLC United States +1.469.443.7621 Gerald Kosbab 11-06-2017 11-30-2019 193 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-113 Gerald Kosbab_Fundamentals Certificate_ATL10182017-1.pdf Gerald Kosbab_Auditing Workshop Certificate_ATL10192017.pdf   Kosbab Profile_AeroDirections_2017.11.pdf
Yes     AeroEx GmbH CHE +41 (0)81 740 50 44 Helmut Gottschalk 03-31-2015 03-31-2017 -781 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-29        
Yes Yes   AeroEx GmbH Switzerland +41 81 7405044 Joel Hencks 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-108 Joel Hencks_Fundamentals of ISBAO Certificate_Dubai 12.2016.pdf IS-BAO Auditor Accreditation Letter - Dec 2016.pdf AeroEx IS-BAO Services 2017.pdf IS-BAO-accredited-auditor.pdf
    Yes Aeronáutica Global México +527224738661 Jorge Cervantes         Yes Yes   Yes     I3SA-120 Jorge Luis Cervantes Rodriguez_Fundamentals Certificate_Toluca11122018 .pdf   CV AERONAUTICA GLOBAL-signed.pdf Certificado de admision y concesion de beca - Jorge Luis Cervantes Rodriguez - 1.pdf
Yes     Aeronautical Data Systems Inc. USA +1.973.383.2224 Jim Stabile 02-01-2016 02-28-2018 -447 days     Yes Yes   Yes   I3SA-85 IS-BAO Cert 1.PNG isbao cert 2.png ADS Cover Letter.docx ADS brochure_lowrez (1).pdf
Yes     Air Safety Group USA 734-649-4298 Jeff Whitman 03-12-2015 03-31-2017 -781 days Complete Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-7        
Yes Yes   Air Safety Group, LLC United States 734-428-7770 Jeff Whitman 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-101 Jeffrey Whitman_Fundamentals Certificate_HOU02132017.pdf Jeffrey Whitman_Auditing Workshop Certificate_HOU02142017.pdf Air Safety Group Fact Sheet.pdf Jeff_Whitman_Auditor_Bio.pdf
Yes     Aircare International USA 001 360-7564-9805 Lauren Jarmoszko 08-07-2015 08-31-2017 -628 days       Yes       I3SA-62 Lauren Jarmoszko_Fundamentals of ISBAO Certificate.pdf      
Yes Yes   Aircare International United States 360-754-9805 Pattie Adams 04-10-2018 04-30-2020 345 days       Yes       I3SA-115        
Yes Yes   ARGUS PRISM United States 1-513-852-5110 Guido Fuentes 05-16-2017 05-31-2019 10 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes I3SA-104 Guido Fuentes_Fundamentals Certificate_HOU02132017.pdf Guido Fuentes_Auditing Workshop Certificate_HOU02142017.pdf ARGUS PRISM Application for IS-BAO I3SA letter.pdf ARGUS PRISM Services Description 2017.pdf
Yes     ASA Group Holdings Ltd HKG +6622607588 Johnny Lai 12-31-2015 12-31-2017 -506 days               I3SA-82 Johnny Lai_ISBAO Fundamentals Certificate.pdf Johnny Lai_ISBAO Auditing Workshop Certificate.pdf ASA_BROCHURE.pdf  
Yes     Assessment Compliance Group USA 240-285-0622 Jennifer Storm 12-02-2013 12-31-2015 -1237 days Attended Fund 11 Mar 12             I3SA-12        
Yes     Aviation Info Tech, Ltd. GBR +44 1367 253 999 Captain Peter Magill 05-16-2015 05-31-2017 -720 days Completed both workshops 9/28/12 Yes Yes   Yes     I3SA-15        
Yes Yes   AviationManuals United States 2405464030 Kevin Honan 11-17-2017 11-30-2019 193 days   Yes Yes   Yes Yes   I3SA-111 Kevin Honan_Fundamentals Certificate_MMU09052017.pdf Kevin Honan_Auditing Workshop Certificate_MMU09062017.pdf IS-BAO Services 2017.pdf  
Yes     AviationManuals / Assessment Compliance Group USA (240) 546-4030 Kevin Honan 01-14-2016 01-31-2018 -475 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-90 1. Jennifer Storm_Fundamentals of IS-BAO Certificate.pdf 2. Jennifer Storm_ISBAO Auditing Certificate.pdf 3. AviationManuals - Assessment Compliance Group IS-BAO Services 2015.docx  
Yes Yes   AvMaSSI - Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions Int'l United States +1 561 745 9787 Louis Sorrentino 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes     I3SA-22        
Yes     Baldwin Aviation and Safety Compliance USA 888.222.2112 Devin Howes 09-21-2016 09-30-2018 -233 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes I3SA-74        
Yes Yes   Baldwin Aviation Safety and Compliance United States 888-222-2112 Chris Young 11-01-2018 11-30-2020 559 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes I3SA-119 Chris_Young_Fundamentals_Certificate_DEN05222018.pdf Chris_Young_ISBAO_Auditing_Workshop_Certificate_DEN05232018.pdf I3SA_RenewalPackage.pdf  
Yes     Commercial & Business Aviation Services Pvt Ltd IND 9845227726 AM Ganapathy 04-01-2016 04-30-2018 -386 days   Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes I3SA-92 Apparanda Ganapathy_Fundamentals of ISBAO Certificate.pdf Ganapathy Mudapa_ISBAO Auditing Certificate.pdf MITRE-Aviation Training Certificate.pdf Introductory Information  Guide lines V6-Fixed Wing-FDTL.pdf
Yes Yes   Continuous Security GmbH Switzerland 0041 79 287 80 99 Capt. Claudio Daniel Caceres 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-105     Continuous Security GmbH ISSSA 2017 renewal.pdf  
Yes     DB&A USA 703 861-5332 David A. Buczek 03-13-2015 03-31-2017 -781 days               I3SA-25        
Yes     DEKRA Akademie GmbH, Industry and Aviation DEU +49-531-31054350 Romain Thilman 05-21-2015 05-31-2017 -720 days               I3SA-32        
Yes     Diversified Aviation Consulting USA 7573485862 DeborahAnn Cavalcante 07-30-2015 07-31-2017 -659 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-36        
Yes Yes   FDManager Pte Ltd Singapore (65) 9733 5058 Roger Rose 06-11-2018 06-30-2020 406 days           Yes   I3SA-117     FDM brochure low res.pdf  
Yes     Fireside Partners USA 302-613-0012 Stefun Hawkins 06-27-2016 06-30-2018 -325 days   Yes Yes Yes       I3SA-95 Stefun Hawkins_Fundamentals of IS-BAO Certificate_New Castle_062016.pdf Stefun Hawkins_IS-BAO Auditing Workshop Certificate_New Castle_062016.pdf Service Offerings Handout_FP.6.pdf  
Yes Yes   Flight Plan, LLC ( United States 203-262-8900 Rob Nealon 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days           Yes   I3SA-98 Robert Nealon_Fundamentals Certificate_HPN092016.pdf Robert Nealon Auditing Workshop Certificate 2016.pdf FltPlan_SMS-Info.pdf  
Yes USA 203-262-8900 Robert Nealon 09-12-2014 09-30-2016 -963 days Will provide additional info on company, conflict and location.             I3SA-9        
Yes     Fountain and Associates USA 262 898-9912 Phillip Fountain Phil@Fountain.Aero 09-18-2015 09-30-2017 -598 days   Yes Yes   Yes Yes   I3SA-33 Phillip Fountain_Fundamentals of ISBAO Certificate .pdf Phillip Fountain_ISBAO Auditing Certificate .pdf    
Yes     Great Circle Services (GCS) CHE +41-41 460 46 60 Michael Grüninger 05-19-2014 05-31-2016 -1085 days               I3SA-16        
Yes     HeliOperations GBR +44 1224 228958 Jon Llewellyn 05-28-2015 05-31-2017 -720 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes     I3SA-31        
Yes Yes   International Safety Management Services (iSMS) LLC United States   +1-561-622-5612 Roger Rose 06-07-2018 06-30-2020 406 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes     I3SA-118      United States 8608668650 Rick Malczynski 03-03-2017 03-31-2019 -51 days   Yes Yes   Yes     I3SA-102 AccreditationRichard (Rick) Malczynski_Fundamentals of ISBAO Certificate.pdf 2017 IS-BAO Auditor Accreditation Letter - Feb 2017.pdf    
Yes     MedAire, Inc. USA 480-333-3700 Debbi Laux 01-01-2016 01-31-2018 -475 days   Yes   Yes       I3SA-86 IS-BAO Workshop 11-2015.pdf IS-BAO Audit Workshop 11-2015.pdf SMS IS-BAO October, 2015.pdf Safety Management Systems Talking Points October, 2015.pdf
Yes     Medallion Foundation USA 907-743-8050 Deb Walker 01-08-2016 01-31-2018 -475 days   Yes   Yes Yes     I3SA-88 Fundamentals of ISBAO 2015.pdf ISBAO Auditing 2015.pdf Supporting Document.docx Medallion 3 brochures.pdf
Yes     Mentair Group USA 402-403-9767 Nathan Predoehl 11-30-2016 11-30-2018 -172 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes     I3SA-8        
Yes Yes   Mentair Group Pro LLC United States 480-678-0739 Sharon Grey 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days       Yes       I3SA-106 Certificate Sharon Grey_Fundamentals of ISBAO_Chicago_072016.pdf S Grey IS-BAO Auditor Cert 2016.pdf Mentair Sample Auditor Course Outline for IBAC 4 07 2017 S Grey.pdf  
Yes     N/A USA N/A 770-643-8065 Gregory Voos 11-04-2015 11-30-2017 -537 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes     I3SA-78 Gregory Voos_Fundamentals of ISBAO Certificate.pdf Gregory Voos_ISBAO Auditing Certificate .pdf    
Yes     Philip M Robertson, Trading As BASI TRADING AUS N/A 610407078549 Phillip Robertson 07-30-2015 07-31-2017 -659 days   Yes   Yes Yes     I3SA-21        
Yes     Polaris Aero USA +1 480 999 3301 Chris Connor 04-30-2016 04-30-2018 -386 days     Yes Yes   Yes   I3SA-93 Chris Connor_ISBAO Fundamentals Certificate.pdf Chris Connor ISBAO Auditing Workshop Certificate.pdf OC-01 Operational Control Cklist Sample.pdf Short-course descriptions.pdf
Yes     PRISM (ARGUS) USA 303.770.4276  x400 Guido Fuentes 12-06-2014 12-31-2016 -871 days IS-BAO and SMS consulting, training and support services             I3SA-2        
Yes Yes   ProActive Safety Systems, Inc. United States 720-201-7744 JR Russell 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes   Yes Yes   Yes I3SA-107 JR Russell_Fundamentals Certificate_PHX05022017.pdf      
Yes     Pulsar Informatics USA 215-220-4257 Steve Bruneau 06-30-2016 06-30-2018 -325 days Workshops complete 17jul13     Yes   Yes   I3SA-14        
Yes     Safety Operating Systems USA 202-575-6100 John M. Cox 07-19-2016 07-31-2018 -294 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   I3SA-97 Allison Markey_Fundamentals of IS-BAO Certificate_New Castle_062016.pdf Allison Markey_IS-BAO Auditing Workshop Certificate_New Castle_062016.pdf    
Yes     SMS4Aviation, LLC USA (714) 334-4441 John Davisson 11-06-2014 11-30-2016 -902 days               I3SA-17        
Yes Yes   SourceOne Aviation Compliance United States 602-456-1777 Christian Oliver 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes Yes   Yes     I3SA-91 Christian Oliver_ISBAO Fundamentals Certificate 2015.pdf Christian Oliver_ISBAO Auditing Workshop Certificate 2015.pdf SourceOne Aviation Compliance Sample Website Page for IS-BAO Support.pdf AZ Secretary of State Tradename Registration SourceOne Aviation Compliance Certificate.pdf
Yes     Sundog Aviation USA 770-235-0098 Jim Cannon 03-25-2015 03-31-2017 -781 days Safety Management Implementation consulting             I3SA-26        
Yes     Swiss Aeronautic Solutions CHE +41 22 550 1832 André Richter 05-26-2015 05-31-2017 -720 days   Yes Yes         I3SA-34        
Yes Yes   T3 Aviation Group Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore +66 92 535 7022 Mark Thibault 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes I3SA-103 28060_Mark Thibault_Fundamentals Certificate_HKG03022017.pdf Mark Thibault_Auditing Workshop Certificate_HKG03032017.pdf 636245423676506297.pdf cert-mkthibault-EKP-0678-5898-1246-5544.pdf
Yes     The Squadron, Inc USA 603 991 6559 Rick Christoffersen 05-19-2016 05-31-2018 -355 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes     I3SA-94 Rick Christoffersen_Fundamentals Certificate_ATL_042016.pdf Rick Christofferson Auditing Workshop Certificate_ATL_042016.pdf Squadron.ISBAO.I3SA.docx..docx  
Yes     THE-DASH,LLC USA +1 973-657-1272 Bernard Flashman 09-08-2015 09-30-2017 -598 days   Yes Yes   Yes     I3SA-70 Bernard Flashman_Fundamentals of ISBAO Certificate .2015.06.11.pdf Bernard Flashman_ISBAO Auditing Certificate .2015.06.12.pdf   ISSSA Reg Letter - Flashman.pdf
Yes Yes Canada 1.604.270.1343 Nikolas Chapman 07-01-2017 07-31-2019 71 days       Yes       I3SA-100   Bob Rorison ISBAO Auditor.pdf    
    Yes Canada 16022701343 Nikolas Chapman             Yes   Yes   I3SA-122        
Yes Yes   UDS Aviation LLC United States 214-244-4749 Liam McKeever 09-21-2017 09-30-2019 132 days   Yes Yes Yes   Yes   I3SA-110 Liam McKeever_Fundamentals Certificate_SEA08222017.pdf Liam McKeever_ISBAO Auditing Workshop Certificate_SEA08232017.pdf Air Maestro Brochure.pdf  
Yes     Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. USA 281.435.3757 / 713.944.1622  x7733 Steven Abreu-Hill 12-01-2014 12-31-2016 -871 days John Accepted 2 March 13/Steven Abreu-hill Co. Rep as of Jan 14             I3SA-4        
Yes     VarGlobal USA 9546821930 Luis Vargas 10-25-2015 10-31-2017 -567 days   Yes Yes Yes Yes     I3SA-76 IS-BAO Fundam Cert_Luis Vargas.pdf IS-BAO Auditing Cert_Luis Vargas.pdf VarGlobal company brief.pdf  

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