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Canada  (1 IS-BAO Affiliate) Canada Robert Rorison en           Yes
Singapore  (1 IS-BAO Affiliate)  
FDManager Pte Ltd Singapore Roger Rose en         Yes  
Switzerland  (2 Is-bao affiliates) 
AeroEx GmbH Switzerland Joel Hencks deenesfrit Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Continuous Security GmbH Switzerland Capt. Claudio Daniel Caceres enesit Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore  (1 IS-BAO Affiliate)  
T3 Aviation Group Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore Mark Thibault en Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes
United States  (3 Is-bao affiliates) 
AeroDirections, LLC United States Gerald Kosbab en Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Flight Plan, LLC ( United States Rob Nealon en         Yes  
International Safety Management Services (iSMS) LLC United States   Roger Rose en Yes Yes   Yes   Yes
United States of America  (3 Is-bao affiliates) 
AviationManuals United States of America Kevin Honan en Yes Yes   Yes Yes United States of America Rick Malczynski en Yes Yes   Yes    
UDS Aviation LLC United States of America Liam McKeever en   Yes   Yes Yes Yes
USA  (7 Is-bao affiliates) 
Air Safety Group, LLC USA Jeff Whitman en Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
Aircare International USA Pattie Adams en           Yes
ARGUS PRISM USA Guido Fuentes en Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AvMaSSI - Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions Int'l USA Louis Sorrentino enesfr Yes Yes   Yes   Yes
Baldwin Aviation Safety and Compliance USA Chris Young en Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mentair Group Pro LLC USA Sharon Grey en           Yes
ProActive Safety Systems, Inc. USA JR Russell en Yes   Yes Yes   Yes

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