is on or after
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
IBAC Regional
Stage 3
Languages Supported
Steven Abreu-Hill Aviation Safety Advisors (845) 598-6694 N. America   EnEs
Akhmed Anatoly VIPPORT/FBO VnuKovo-3 +7960356880 RuBAA   EnRu
Liang Bai Mainline Flight Services Company +86 136 817 31319 Asia   En
Reinhard (Bob) Bauer ARG/US Pros 603-733-4763 N. America    
Nitin Bisht     Yes ArDe
Jim Cannon Sun Dog Aviation 770-235-0098 N. America Yes  
Manuel Cobos +33672835734 Europe    
Colin D'Costa +971 50 2531327 Middle East   EnHi
Amir Soheil Dadgar ASD Avia Consulting +49.173.725.1254 Europe   ArDeEnFrRuFa
Scott Davis AVSAFE International, LLC +1 5404226606 N. America    
Stephane DeWolf Aerodit +3247 789 0849 Europe Yes EnFr
John Enticknap Aviation Business Strategies Group 404-867-5518 N. America Yes En
Rory Fagan Falconer Aircraft Management Inc. + 639176200735 Asia   EnTg
Emad Fahem +971547788741 Middle East   ArEn
Norbert Freytag TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH / +49 6181 25 17 60  Cell: +49 160 9445 7854 Europe Yes DeEn
Luis Garcia ABP Safety LLC San Antonio +1 210 367 7075 N. America Yes EnEs
Benjamin Goodheart Magpie Human Safety Systems 928 710 5522 N. America Yes  
Helmut Gottschalk AeroEx GmbH +41 81 5116742 Europe Yes DeEnEsFr
Sharon Grey Mentair Group Pro LLC +1 480 678 0739 N. America    
Karen Hein-Jones +44 7780 992993 Europe    
Syed Idrus Bombardier Aerospace Service Singapore +65 9171 9305 Asia    
Eric Ilowski Business Aviation Assurance +853 6293 3232 Asia    
Stewart MacPherson InterDel Enterprises Inc. Office 604 303-8104 /  Cell 778 990-4480 N. America Yes  
Victoire Malki Business Aviation School LBG +33 0685654211 Europe Yes ArDeFr
Allison Markey 30W Aeronautical Consulting Int'l LLC +1 201-407-2742 / +1 207-947-7414 N. America Yes  
Daniel Montgomery DA Aviation LLC 317-339-1554 N. America    
Patrick Moylan FBO Partners, LLC (443) 336-3391 N. America   En
James Nainggolan James V Nainggolan +61 407 004 843 Australia    
Nathan Predoehl Mentair Group Pro, LLC +1 402-403-9767 N. America    
Tilak Ramaprakash AvJet Solutions Inc. +1 404 229 3167 N. America    
Thorsten Richter Sky Con  +4917 5503 0303 Europe   DeEnEsItTr
Ozlem Schafer +49 15111605605 Europe    
Paul Schlaeger AeroEx +41 (0) 81 7405044 Europe Yes DeEn
Aleksey Shelepov VIPPORT/FBO VnuKovo-3 +79037217207    RuBAA   EnRu
Donna Shope US Forest Service +1 404 386 4849 N. America    
Louis (Lou) Sorrentino AVMASSI 561-529-0700 N. America Yes  
Richard Thompson Turbo Specialties, LLC 1 603 502 4262 N. America    
Jay Treat JayJet Audits (419) 356-1763 N. America    
Peter Volland AVIALL +27825522246 Africa Yes DeEn
Peter White AVMASSI +44 7768 448113 Europe    

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